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Plant Nursery Tips in Indio, CA

A flower kept alive because of our plant nursery tips in Indio, CA

You have a house, but now you want to make it a home. You want to cultivate a welcoming atmosphere, and you know your yard plays a key role.

Will you welcome your visitors with a green lawn and flourishing flowers? Will you create a rustic, western vibe with unique pottery and desert-acclimated plants? Or will you install a fountain to lend a peaceful, contemplative mood to your backyard?

Whatever your plan, use these plant nursery tips from Indio, CA’s trusted local garden expert, Bob Williams Nursery, Inc. Draw on our decades of experience to make your dream yard a reality.

Get Advice that Comes from Experience

After 50 years of business, we know which plant nursery tips help Indio, CA homeowners maintain their homes. Use these guidelines:

  • Landscape thoughtfully. With so many ideas for beautiful landscapes, choosing the best fit for you proves to be the real challenge. As you decide, consider how much maintenance work and water you want to invest in your yard. For personalized advice, contact our knowledgeable employees.
  • Water prudently. In the spring, watering gardens once every other day usually suffices. Water on the same schedule in the fall once temperatures drop back below 90 degrees. Don’t forget to water during appropriate times to avoid fines during droughts, especially during the summer months. Often this means watering between sunset and sunrise. Check with local authority to be sure.
  • Mulch during May. All your planting beds need mulch, which retains moisture, resists excessive sunlight, and prevents weed growth. Mulch in May before temperatures rise high enough to damage your plants.
  • Check your watering timer battery. You don’t want to learn too late that a battery died and left your lawn or plants un-watered. Check the battery regularly as advised by the timer manufacturer. If you hire a yard-sitter while you vacation, make sure he or she knows how to check and change the timer battery.
  • Control pests. You don’t want to invest time, water, and energy in a lawn or garden only to have pests ravage your plants. You can set traps out for earwigs, slugs, whiteflies, and so forth.  Carefully maintain your grass and cultivate the soil in your lawn or orchard. This also discourages pests.

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