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Outdoor Pottery & Desert Plants in La Quinta, CA

When you live in the desert, you can't plant ferns and trees that would otherwise thrive in the Pacific Northwest—not unless you want to spend hours watering those plants every day. And because California is in the middle of a drought, you might run into trouble if you use too much water on your yard. You need another landscaping solution.

Bob Williams Nursery, Inc. has the answer: native plants. Native plants naturally flourish in dry conditions, so they look beautiful even if you water them sparingly. We also offer desert-acclimated décor, like outdoor pottery, for your La Quinta, CA home. When you combine our décor with a garden of local plant life, you create the perfect recipe for a gorgeous, water-efficient yard.

Outdoor pottery in La Quinta, CA

Browse Our Selection of Plant Life
We invite you to visit our inspirational gardens in Indio, where you can view our entire inventory of native plants. We can find you non-native species that still prosper in a desert environment. We also have lawn options and fruit trees that require little maintenance.

Additionally, we carry natural and organic potting soil and fertilizer. These products will ensure your garden stays beautiful year round.

Choose Your Decorative Accents
Why not add pottery or an outdoor fountain to your La Quinta, CA home? We carry a selection of these decorative features from around the world. Pottery creates a striking texture contrast with your plants. And a fountain promotes a calming ambiance— better still, you don't have to run our fountains around the clock. Fill them and turn them on only when you need to relax or entertain.

Learn More
If you would like additional information about desert plants or outdoor pottery in La Quinta, CA, call us at (760) 347-6397. We will gladly help you find the right plants and accents for your yard.